Welcome and thank you for your interest in fighting in the BFN. Register to fight in upcoming events and obtain the best Kickboxing & MMA management representation around! Interested fighters, managers, or gym/team coaches should complete the form below. Please fill out the following form as completely as possible and we will be in contact with you.

PLEASE READ before submitting your info. DO NOT fill out a registration form if you do not live within 2 hours driving distance from our scheduled shows. We are currently recruiting LOCAL FIGHTERS ONLY. If you’re a DEBUT fighter, you must have a coach and be currently training in a kickboxing, MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai gym. If you have read and understand the instructions, pick the date of the show you’re interested in

Note: Fans and Supporters: an important aspect of each event is ensuring that the promoter is able to gage how many people will be in attendance. Not only is it great to have your friends, family, and supporters come out to watch – but for many promoters, you get paid from the sales of tickets (BFN gives a certain percentage of tickets sold to each fighter). How many tickets do you think you can sell per event?