The Big Fight Night (BFN) is an initiative intended for extremely gifted & devoted fighters with the purpose to nurture them into paid professional ranks as well as boost appreciation and entertainment through this sport. The fighters will be prepared, coached mentored, and counselled after fights on lessons to pick on their fighting tact on the offensive, defensive, and other aspects of the game. This way the fighters will be made to understand the various. They will learn to read the mind of their opponents, predict their next moves, identify weak points, prepare for games including taking positions that give them leverage in the ring to attack and defend at will. This initiative will focus on improving the persons and the entire fight program at large through focusing on building fighter speed, strength, and endurance to last through a fight.


To foster a crop of local and international professional fighters by exposing them to an environment that challenges and prepares them for professional ranks guided by a competitive induction championship. This initiative will shape the character of fighters with virtues that prepare them for greater horizons. Participants who exist and potential fighters will have an opportunity to train in combat skills and also get educated in professional etiquette to protect them from the negative influences of the environment and peer pressure.

We will purpose to nurture and promote talented fighters in the country through staging fight events in different locations of the country. We, therefore, intend to organize competitive fights that will be called Big Fight Nights. They will be organized in a series format of fighting events that will be held four times a month at a set number of locations.